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Ruff as Stone, a London based four piece supergroup came together after what began as a simple jam session one afternoon in 2009 quickly turned into a writing session as whole songs started to take shape in no time at all, leaving the group in no doubt that they had something special. Their music has evolved into a powerful mix of rock and soul. unnapologetically influenced by the 70s. This is no pastiche, rather a respectful nod to a time that we all experienced. Which is why we recorded it organically as a band unit.

Think: Aerosmith, Lenny Kravitz  Seal.

Their new album “Put Your Smile On” will be released in spring 2018 by Bosworth Music.

Lead singer Austin Howard, formally lead singer and front man to the 80s band Ellis Beggs & Howard who had 3 European top ten hits off their album ‘Homelands.’ Having been referred to as the black Mick Jagger. Austin, doing all the background vocals as well as the lead vocals, adds real strength and texture to the overall vocal components of Ruff as Stone’s sound. Austin’s hit song and theme tune ’Heaven Knows’ from the award wining Brit movie brand, ‘Rise Of The Footsoldier’ 1- 2 & 3 recently entered the iTunes music UK rock charts at 56. Austin has written performed and produced for TV, Film and numerous artists for many years. He comes with a pedigree that is second to none and has inspired audiences and artists with his individual style and charismatic vocal prowess.

Lutz Kunzel(Guitarist) formerly with SET, aTaNNSCHEN and ‘The Flaming Rocks’. Lutz also is a composer, arranger and producer as wells a solo-artist and guitarist for different German record companies, radio and TV.  Lutz’s guitar style ranges from Beat and Classical to Rock and Heavy Metal, which gives ‘Ruff As Stone’ great variety.

Tobias Kunzel(Drums/Bvox) best known for his vocal work with the multi million-selling German band Die Prinzen plays with a tenacity and style Keith Moon or Ginger Baker would be proud of.

Completing the rhythm section is Rob Tree (Bass/Bvox) who has toured and performed with Chris Norman (Smokie), Mick Tucker (The Sweet) and Bliss. Influenced and inspired by the likes of Jack Bruce, Marcus Miller and Flea among others, and trained at the Academy Of Contemporary Music, he uses the experience built up playing hundreds of gigs, big and small to deliver the thumping grooves and heavy riffs that Ruff As Stone are fast becoming known for.

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